Why I can’t make dropshipping sales with Shopify?

Why I can’t make dropshipping sales with Shopify?

2020-08-28 0 By admin

Here’s a checklist to help you understand why you’re not making dropshipping sales with Shopify.

Why do I get few/no traffic to my Shopify site?

If you do dropshipping it is likely that you have few visitors on your Shopify site. In this section I will review the different reasons that may explain this.

An advertising problem?

If you don’t have a visit on your site it is likely that the problem is due to your advertising. It is necessary to have the best format for your advertisement with a specific call to action, which invites to click on the link.

A good redirection with a shortcut link?

Also check that the link in your ad redirects to your site. I advise you to use url shorteners as bit.ly. The advantage of using “known” url shorteners like bit.ly is that Facebook users are used to this kind of links.

The fact that a user clicks on this kind of link can already be considered an intention to purchase. The most popular dropshipping stores also use this type of link and they get good conversion rates.

What is the goal of your Facebook advertising?

Conversion goals such as “view content” or “add to cart” will get visitors to your Shopify site. This is not necessarily the best way to get sales. However, these goals do allow you to get visits with a low CPM.
To get sales I recommend the ” purchase ” conversion goal when configuring your ad set.

I have a good ad in the right format, but I still don’t get enough visitors on my shopify store.

A targeting problem?

Make sure your ad is in the right format, square or mobile full screen format. Also check that you have inserted the right calls to action in the text of your ad.

If this is the case, but you still get few clicks, it is likely that you are not presenting your product to the right audience or in the right way. Test new targeting.

Tests several audiences.

Tests additional audiences at 5 or 10 USD budget per day. These audiences must provide a good CPM (between 4 and 7 USD in purchase conversion for an audience of approximately 370,000 – 1M people). Your audience have to be confirmed by a good number of visit, some add to cart or some purchase. If you don’t have any of this you can move to another product or try new audiences.

Why do I have visits but few add to the cart on my shopify store?

Do you have a good product?

Finding a good product for facebook ads can be a hard work.
You need to find a surprising product that solves a problem and gives you a good margin.

How is your sales page?

If you don’t have any adds to cart despite your visits, take a step back and analyze your product page.
Check that the product you are offering meets a real need. If your product meets a need and that you still have no add to cart then you need to highlight the need that your product satisfies in a structured way. Your description must also be persuasive.

Don’t dwell on the characteristics.

You have to create the need with your visitors thanks to your description. Your description must sell mainly through emotions.

You should not address the rational part of the brain of your visitors but the emotional part. Therefore, it is useless to spend too much time on the technical characteristics of your product.

Why do I have adds to cart but so few initied checkout?

Initiated checkouts represent people who clicked on the “proceed to checkout” button after adding one or more products from your store to their shopping cart. To get your visitor to click on the “proceed to checkout” button, you have to use psychology and tricks.

The information in your description should make visitors want to go further than just adding to the cart.

One of my strategies is to make it clear to the customer in various places that they must click on the “proceed to checkout” button. This is the call to action. For your visitor to take an action or go to the next step, clearly tell them to take that action. Explain the steps to follow. Don’t hesitate to add “now click on the “add to cart” button in your descriptions.

Why do I have initied checkout but my customers don’t go any further?

To push your visitors to go further, a small dose of call to action is still needed. However, the problem can also be in reassurance of urgency and consistency.

Reinsurance on your product page.

The reinsurance is the fact of calming one of the biggest anguish of consumers on the internet… getting scammed! To calm this anxiety you need to place trust badges in strategic places.
Present badges such as Mastercard, Visa or PayPal badges. This will make your visitor to transfer the trust he has in these companies to your store.

Urgency is needed!

Urgency allows your customer to feel pressed by the time. Human beings generally have a propensity to put things off until later. One of the best ways to fight against this tendency to procrastinate is to place a timer in your Checkout that tells your visitor how much time they have left before their shopping cart is empty or before the product is no longer reserved.

Everything must be consistent!

Consistency is making sure your client understands which button to click to move to the next step. That’s what the design of your site is all about: making it as easy to use as possible by putting yourself in your visitor’s shoes.

You can push your client to click on these buttons using different techniques. One of them, quite basic but little used, is to make sure that all the buttons that will take your visitor to the next step are the same color (and that no other secondary buttons on the site have that color).

One of my favorite techniques is to modify the translations of the different buttons to always push the client because of the need for consistency.

Why do I have initiate checkout but customers don’t fill in their payment information?

The step between when your visitor will fill in his delivery information and when he will prepare his payment method is when he will discover the amount of shipping costs.

I advise you to offer free shipping with no minimum purchase. Conversion rates are higher for this type of offer.

However, despite the free shipping, some visitors will still fall back into procrastination. To fight against this procrastination I advise to change the title of the shipping costs. It is necessary to introduce a dose of urgency and aversion to loss.

Why do I have added payment information but my customers don’t go through with the purchase?

If your visitor has arrived at the last step and entered his payment details, he intends to buy this product from you.
So if he stops at this step, it means that the problem comes from PayPal, Stripe shopify payment or your payment processor.

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