How to add a gif to Shopify product page?

How to add a gif to Shopify product page?

2020-12-30 0 By admin

Putting a gif on Shopify allows you to add animation to your product pages. This will make a real difference compared to your competitors on Shopify.

It is an alternative solution to adding video on your product pages. In this little tutorial I explain how to do it from A to Z.

The first part explains you first how to create and upload your GIF image if you don’t have one yet. Finally in the second part of the article I show you how to add it.

Create your GIF for Shopify.

To create your GIF animation that you will then add to your Shopify product page, you can start by visiting the Gifrun website. This site allows you to create a GIF image from a Youtube, Tik Tok, Vimeo, Facebook or Twitter video.

create a GIF with Gifrun

If you want to create a GIF from a video on your computer, upload it to one of these platforms. Then once it’s done get the link and paste it into Gifrun.

Once you have pasted your link, click on “GET VIDEO” . From there you will be able to select the sequence of your choice for the creation of your GIF from your video, the sequence can be up to 10 seconds of video.

create gif on gifrun to upload it on shopify

Once you have selected your sequence, just click on “CREATE GIF” and click on “DOWNLOAD” to download your file.

Now that your file is downloaded to your computer I can explain how to easily add it to your Shopify product page.

Integrate a GIF into your Shopify product page.

To add a gif from your computer to your shopify product page the procedure is simple.

In your shopify administration interface you just have to click on the “product” section and select the product on which you want to add the GIF file.

Once you have selected your product and you are in the description editor you just need to place your mouse cursor where you want to embed the GIF. When this is done click on the icon that allows you to insert an image.

adding a GIF  to shopify store

Once this is done, click on “download a file” and select your GIF on your computer. Now that it’s added to your Shopify files click on your image and finally click “Insert Image”.


Now you know how to add a GIF to your product listings on Shopify. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment under this article.

I hope you found it useful, if you don’t have a Shopify site yet click here to get a 14 day trial for your site. See you soon.