SellerPulse : My review of the application and its features.

SellerPulse : My review of the application and its features.

2021-01-14 0 By admin

Presentation of SellerPulse

SellerPulse Aliexpress is an application for more or less confirmed dropshippers. It is an online tool developed in France that will allow you to find products according to certain very precise criteria that you will be able to set in the application.

It is available in two versions, one version for Amazon and another one for Aliexpress. I present here the Aliexpress version, this one is more adapted to dropshipping. They are two different tools so don’t make a mistake when you choose.

Product search features on SellerPulse.

Basic product search

SellerPulse’s product search will allow you to search for the product that totally fits your niche. In this module you have more than 20 aliexpress product categories at your disposal. If you already have a clear idea of what you are looking for, you can simply search for a product in a specific category. If, on the other hand, you are looking for inspiration, you can combine different categories.

In the free version no credit card is required, however you are limited to 40 searches and you will only have access to the tool for 3 days. The paid version costs $39 (34€) and allows you unlimited use of the software.

differents filters availables on sellerpulse aliexpress

The different filters available

By registering you will have access to different filters to refine your searches. You can register now by clicking here.

Thus you will have the possibility to insert a keyword, choose the minimum and maximum number of comments about the product, its minimum and maximum price and the minimum and maximum total orders.

One of my favorite filters and not found in any other product search tool in Aliexpress is the one that allows you to sort the products according to the number of orders that have been made in the last 3/7/15/30/90 days.

sort orders by day with sellerpulse

Targeted research

The software offers targeted search features to really choose your winning product with the laser beam. Let me introduce you to these features.

Search by country

The search by country allows you to search for products with all the features I introduced you earlier. However, it also allows you to add a key factor, the target country.

For example, you can search for a product in the watch niche, in Germany, at a price of 2 euros maximum and which have sold more than 50 copies in the last 7 days. Here are some of the results of this search:

showcase of product sellerpulse

Opportunity by country

The opportunity by country function is in my opinion even more powerful than the country search. Indeed, rather than showing you products that are already selling very well in a target country, Seller Pulse will instead show you products that are selling very well worldwide EXCEPT in the country of your choice.

The great advantage of this feature is that you will have a list of products that are not saturated in the country of your choice. You can also add niche filters, number of orders, prices etc.

Other features of SellerPulse

In addition to finding products for you, Seller pulse offers you a whole range of analysis tools. Let me introduce you to some of them.

The products monitored

By clicking on the small bell under the product photo on the application, you can monitor a product on a daily basis. In the free version you can monitor 40 products (you will only have access for 3 days) and in the paid version you can monitor as many products as you want.

small bell to monitor products on seller-pulse

This will allow you to see the trend of a product and to see if the sales are decreasing with time or if they continue to increase. You will be able to know if you can test and market it or not.

The different curves

Seller Pulse offers a system of search curves. If you click on the small curve-shaped icon, you will be able to see the price curve of the product, the curve of the number of orders per day, the curve of the total number of orders and the curve of the number of feedback.

product curve sellerpulse

Find competitors and suppliers thanks to SellerPulse

The last red icon under the product allows you to find the Shopify stores that sell this product, wordpress sites, and also the suppliers Amazon, Aliexpress and Alibaba. The application provides you with a database that is updated daily.

This way, you will have enough material to inspire you; find relevant content and no longer simply launch products with a “feel”.

See my list of winning products on seller pulse

If you want to register on sellerpulse and take advantage of the 3 days free trial and also benefit from the list of winning products that I update directly on the application register by clicking here.