One-product Shopify store: advantages, disadvantages and prospects.

One-product Shopify store: advantages, disadvantages and prospects.

2021-01-22 0 By admin

The one-product Shopify store is often contrasted with the niche or generalist store. This type of store, as its name suggests, is designed to accommodate only one product. This specificity makes it its strength on the one hand, but also its weakness on the other.

In this article I will give you an overview of the different characteristics of a one-product Shopify store. Its advantages, the different sources of traffic through which it can be exploited, its disadvantages and its prospects of evolution.

The speed of setting up a one-product Shopify site.

One-product Shopify store is fast

The first advantage that comes to mind is the set-up speed. Indeed, if you have already created a few sites on Shopify it will be easy. In less than a day you may be able to create a one-product Shopify store ready to make sales.

These kinds of sites may also be suitable for you even if you have never launched a Shopify store before. You may take a little longer than someone more experienced in dropshipping. But you have plenty of time. Shopify offers a 14-day trial period. Click here to take advantage of your 14-day trial.

Your store will only contain one product and you will be able to do a lot of research. They will allow you to write the perfect description and content.

You will also be able to retouch your product photos to return a higher perceived value and thus sell your product for more money. But this will also require a dose of marketing.

The one-product Shopify store: a marketing machine.

One-product Shopify store is  a marketing machine

One of the advantages of the one-product store, after its quick set-up, is that you can concentrate fully on your marketing.

In fact, your entire store is designed to sell a single product. You must therefore consider that each of its pages is designed to make your visitor buy your product. From your home page, through your product sheet to your contact page.

Thanks to this type of site, you will be able to greatly increase the perceived value of your product. I advise you to create a coherent branding and also to opt for mockups. These are packaging illustrations created with software such as Photoshop. Their use on your product sheet will increase your brand image tenfold.

Marketing also includes the offer you are going to propose. When choosing your product you will have to be strategic. I advise you to choose a product for which it “makes sense” to buy several. By choosing this type of product, it will be much easier for you to increase your average cart. In fact, you can easily set up offers like “two bought the third offered”.

Choose the source of traffic for your store.

choose different trafic sources for your One-product Shopify store

Once your one-product store is finished and you feel it can make sales it needs to be visible. The main sources of traffic are: Facebook advertising, Google advertising, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Facebook ads.

Shopify stores with a single product are perfectly suited for Facebook advertising.

When the Facebook user sees your advertisement in his feed he clicks and falls on your product page. You have to choose your product carefully.

If it responds to a user’s need and you have a good marketing offer, you will make sales.

Most dropshippers turn to Facebook ads. So you really have to stand out if you want to make money on Facebook in a sustainable way. In addition, the cost of acquiring traffic can be quite high depending on your target audience and the quality of your advertising.

If the indicators show that your product is not a winner, you need to move quickly to another one. Do not hesitate to quickly switch to another product to avoid losing extra money.

Google ads.

In spite of appearances, Google advertising remains very under-exploited in dropshipping. It is therefore a very good idea to launch a one-product store with Google ads. You will enjoy the same advantages mentioned above.

Moreover, your conversion rate will certainly be better. Indeed, your product will only be displayed for search terms related to it.

One of the other advantages of google ads is that your store doesn’t make “noise” like Facebook Ads.

Indeed, search tools for winning products like “Adspy” do not show the winning products of google ads. They are not able to detect them.

So if you choose a good product well nested, you can generate a real income without having to fear the competition on Google.

A one-product store SEO?!

One-product Shopify store is seo friendly

Regardless of the source of traffic you choose to focus on, you should not neglect the basics of SEO on your Shopify site.

However, you will certainly not be able to base your entire strategy on SEO if you want to go for a one-product store. Indeed, having a Shopify site based on SEO requires you to produce a lot of content. With some exceptions, a site with a single product is not intended to have a lot of content.

On an E-commerce site the content corresponds to the collection pages, product sheets and blog articles. Since the single product site is supposed to contain only one product you are very limited to try to position yourself on SEO requests.

So, if you want to make a one-product site I strongly advise you not to base all your hopes on SEO. You may have to wait several months before receiving your first visitors. You can however, in parallel to your main traffic source, write blog articles on subjects related to your product.

Once the visitors are on your blog article, you will redirect them to your product page and have a chance to convert them into customers.

Which theme for your one-product Shopify store ?

pick a theme for you mono product store

You can keep the basic Shopify theme: Debut.

Click here to take advantage of your 14-day Shopify trial and get started with this theme now.

It does the job perfectly, even for a one-product store. Moreover, if you don’t have a large budget, I advise you to keep your money to pay for your traffic acquisition via Facebook, Instagram, influencers or Google Ads.

However, if you really want to have a personalized product page I recommend you to install a page editor like Gempages. The advantage that you will have when using these applications is that you will be able to have a real sales page and not a classic Shopify product page.

What is for me their main strong point is the possibility to create a system of packs. So on your sales page you can showcase different bundles.

These applications will also allow you to modify your homepage if you use a page editor like Shogun or Gempage. You will then be able to redesign your Start theme from A to Z.

Prospects for evolution.

I advise you not to stay on a pure one-product site. Indeed, ideally it will always be interesting to add one or two complementary products to the main product. This will allow you to set up upsells, cross sales or One Click Upsells thanks to applications like Checkout X.

If you are going to advertise on Facebook, there will inevitably be a moment when your audience will be exhausted: when acquiring a customer costs you more than you earn. At that point you will have several options:

  • Either you close the store and start a new one-product store from scratch.
  • You capitalize on your customer list and offer them by email a new winning product in the same niche as the first one.
  • Or you make a transition from the one-product store to the niche store. This way, you can test new winning products in the same store. By choosing this option and redesigning your site, adding different collections, you will have the possibility to use SEO as a basis for the acquisition. The advantage you will have over launching your site will be that your domain name will have enough seniority. This will allow you to position yourself more quickly in Google search results.
  • You also have the possibility to try to keep your store as it is but to advertise on other channels than your main channel.


One-product sites are interesting and quick to set up. However, you may want to create a real store that will pay you in the long run.

If that’s the case, you should consider starting a niche store or start thinking now about where you want your site to go once you’ve reached your initial goal.

In addition, you should keep in mind that a one-product site will sell for much less than a site with more products. A competitor can duplicate a one-product store in an hour. No one will want a one-product site based solely on Facebook, which has already exhausted all the audiences.

I hope this article has been useful and that you have a clearer mind about your project than when you arrived. If you want to open several shopify store you can check this article.